TASKS Wednesday AM May 2nd, 2012

FOLLOW up with Eddie re: agent
FIND a support system to help you make calls
CALL agents
UPDATE resume to add union status SAG-AFTRA e
*SET shoot date for short (2nd week)
DRAFT a one sheet

CALL target managers. (CALL managers it is not see my reel. IT IS get a meeting. ASK for what you want. )they will tell you to do something.)
SUBMIT for 5 features a day on actors access.
PITCH Mum trailer to the class.
EMAIL- Brian new 6 month goal.
GET yourself a massage!!
SEND Ariel’s info to the group

KATAUDITION on tape and deliver within 24 hours
DROP OFF 20 headshots at AFI
REACH out to Ariel Levy at LA Film School
SEND out PDB mailing
CREATE new six month goals 3 to 5 (could be networking, creating your own content)

GET in touch with Nina, pick Nina’s brain re: managers and marketing yourself for stand up
THINK 20 times a week: What would Bette Midler do? Whatever she would do- do it!
SEE 5 shows
BULLDOZE the LA Market
CREATE a castab-ility sheet what are you two or three primary products plus a headshot to match it. Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero

SEND your NY pre-game letter to Jonathon Straus- headshot in corner, resume on back, coming to take NY by storm (reference that your team is setting up a general)
DRAFT marketing letter for five people (personal touches) Let’s see one next week. "I respect your work!"
REPORT on workout change. ( KICK up the running this week. Shock your body: One week change it up. low weight lots of reps (for ex. 20 till it burns: then you’ll get toned)
PUT audition on tape for one of your NY targets

ADD 30 hardcopy addresses to your mpdb
GO on Casting About database, click the ones you know, save that document, print it out
(and adding the 5 targets you have never met on there- the only ones you should have never met).
CREATE breakdowns- you may have two or three.
TARGET list (ex. The Mentalist, The Office, New Girl, Big Bang, Procedural, Raising Hope, NCIS)
WATCH five television shows you have never seen before that are currently on the air and REPORT BACK
SEND postcard picture around to group, then order 100
CHECK in with group twice. Ask specific questions. Does this sell me as?
ADD one or two six month goals.


Mailing Personal Database: Create a label document of everyone you have ever met. Auditioned for, taken meetings with. Casting about handles Casting Directors labels, you put in yours. Mangers, Agents, Writers, Directors you’ve met. Student films, shows from years ago. Raising Hope, The office, parks and rec, straight up procedural, The Mentalist, NCIS. PDB everyone you have had a meeting with or met- they may still sign you. They should be getting a postcard.

Key to confidence: I make magic: working really hard, faking it till your making it, keep working till you get the muscle. You get better each time. Be willing to fail. Putting yourself out there everyday! Consistent good work- guarantee the work comes- it comes in ebbs and flows. Trust that the booking comes.
Always chase the work!

Be good in front of casting directors 4 Times till they know you are good and remember you. Really connect with them. See you very specifically. Target your shows and see them as many times as you can.
Seperate personal and product

You can get away with i-pads at a meeting but don’t want to be stuck it’s not working. They have computers.
I want a yes or a no- no waiting game. This is to get you an answer. Are we interested? Managers are high risk high reward. Agents take more people. Managers are more like getting married. I see how I can build a whole career. Hopefully that takes some magic. Someone to go to bat for you rest of your life.
Comedy Management: Levity Mosaic CAA like who reps: Demetry Marrin (plays music)
Agents that rep comediennes and then see who there management is.
You miss 100%of the shots you never take. You will not get anywhere doing nothing.
Research the shows: go on the nights of particular shows/ comics help comics get work.

Beyonce had terrible stage fright- I’m Sasha- I don’t have stage fright. Be Betty Midler-
Comics: we don’t pay! You just go in! Know the door people. Wait to show starts, slip in. Meltdown Laugh Factory Comedy Store Improv- hits them everyday.

Bar method works for working out.

Rachel Note:
("my name is Rachel Rud and I’d like representation: I’d like a meeting with so and so, how do I go about setting that up?" Then follow step.)UPDATE on yourself in newsletter


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