AAS monday am notes

AAS NOTES 4/30/12

· If there’s anything you want to talk about specifically during your 15min, bring it up after your yes, no’s.

· Go to www.withoutabox.com to find film festivals

· Target lists are small so we can create relationships with those people.

· “Re-meet” people

· Hey my name is _______ and I wanted to know what the best way to be know by your office is? *get their name!

· Start doing a draft of some other piece of marketing (besides postcards) “castablility,” review sheet, testimonials, etc. With creative flair!

· AGENTS: ask people, 200s la brea, backstage, kabookit.com (*Talento)

· Instead of getting in the mindset that we have to shoot new scenes, do pitch clips with different types of characters. Get yourself on tape. “What are the roles you’re submitting me for that I’m not getting, so I can make a pitch tape?”

· It’s not about patience, it’s about trusting!

· Save everything you put on tape! Use as pitch tapes.

· Find out the stipulations of shooting in Canada.

· Phone can be RPA-results producing

· Pre-game: Send LETTER to targeted CD, and POSTCARD to everyone else in the office.

· Post-game: Send POSTCARD to targeted CD, and LETTER to everyone else in the office. (Post game: postcard to who you saw; headshot, resume and note- had a great workshop with ______ look forward to meeting you too, ‘compliment,’ I worked on this scene, had fun, etc… to office)

· For ‘sign on the dotted line’ it is a packet

· The more successful salons are when the energy in the room is encouraging, helpful, sharing, insightful…many in body, one in mind

· If you don’t understand why you’re doing a task, ask why!

· B.A.J. = Book A Job

· Actorgenie iPhone app and/or call the office


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