SAAS – Meeting Notes – 4/30/12

SAAS! Whassup?

*Current USPS postage rate for headshot/resume is $1.10.


+ If money is tight, who to cut from your PDB (not the ePDB)?

–> 80/20 rule: You are more likely to get work from people you’ve worked with before, so leave them ON your PDB. [Analogy: Bed Bath & Beyond coupons – They send you more the more you shop.]

+ IMDB – Allows you to post a ridiculous amount of photos. How many do you have posted? Think of premieres/screenings/events you’ve attended, on-set photos, etc.


+ For “TOUCHES” – Always, always, always include branding language, especially if you are emailing a link. Include it in the language of your email.


+ Only 3 Mondays in May – Therefore rate will be 3 x price per salon
+ Next week’s Salon will be at a different location than Tamara’s – TBD

Congratulations on all the great work and progress, everyone!
Have a fantastic week, everyone!


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