Wednesday AM Tasks 4/25/2012



CONTACT Brooke Nutall

WRITE the copy for the back of the postcard: email to the group.

CREATE five 2 month goals for New York: focused, tangible. ie: Marketing touches (8), etc.

RUN 5 days for 30 minutes each run

ORDER postcards

SPEND an hour trouble-shooting website


FOLLOW UP with reel persons three different people to shoot your scene (contact twice)

CAST the other role in your scene (remember wide medium close up or 2 wides and a close up)

LETTERS to producers of Days of our Lives – mention your class with Marnie Saitta/ mention your Uncle
ACT twice a week (keep the muscle sharp- read for 15 minutes minimum) while on Holiday
SET the date (I’m looking at these three dates- lead the way)


CELEBRATE first mailing! Get massage?

ADD people back to m-PDB that you accidentally took off!

CREATE celebration list: Small, Medium, Big!

CREATE a 6 month goal related to Mum Project

EDIT voiceover reel: beginning draft

BEGIN SOTDL calendar!

SOTDL: can follow Brian and Brian’s template calendar: or switch out activities. Each is a separate event.

Hi my name is… and I’m interested in meeting with … for representation. What is the best way to go about doing that?


FOLLOW UP with your referrals, find out if they are going to help you. IF YOU don’t hear from people after a few days- then take action
FIRST STEP on calendar
CALL AGENTS must happen tomorrow
TAKE meetings (you can pass later if necessary)
CAN add one more agent to list- that’s more exciting for you.
WRITE a paragraph on what your fears are.
HOW is your sound working on short.
CHOOSE date for short.
REHEARSE tool shop

ORDER 100 postcards
CONTACT Samantha Stewart on how she approached AFI
SIGN UP for one or two workshops (see who you have already seen before moving on to new contacts) (SECOND HIT)
PREPARE for role in feature- spend 4 hours on script (read script twice and study your part)
AUDITION on tape deliver within 24 hours

CONTACT Adrian about my reel & get it in the works
BUY NEW LABELS (5164) return the old ones
CREATE postcard message label 5164 (change the text direction to fit everything): theatrical adjectives to describe you
DRAFT an email to be sent to COMMERCIAL AGENTS that include your one sentence commercial breakdowns “mature….”
REMOVE representation on all websites
SEND H/R to 12 PDB peeps with REVISED RESUME on the envelope and a note inside

Don’t be too precious about your reel- don’t wait on one person
Lindsay did a short for $150 bucks
Must post game all involved with the office
CALL SHEET templates (you can find on Google)
clap board on IPAD

Notes: Rachel Rud
Notes: the template is a template- fill it in with your dates- substitute one for another if needed.
Follow up thank you so much for responding to email, I appreciate it, putting together a reel, read an article you like, “how is your horror film going” Would you be open to referring me to your agent?
Get a friend: liquid courage if necessary: get comfortable- you celebrate afterwards
Everything really good came from something that scared me.
Make the call like your calling hairdresser- they get loads of calls
Brian said: Thinking at audition: If I’m nervous to be here, I’ll be a mess on set- then he’s okay Are you ready for it? Yes, so breathe deep and get over it.
Turning into a short film- 4 scenes close up and two wides (plus medium) of your shoot
Keep all the cut footage:
Priority out of task is getting work:
Can not take forever to shoot

Kat Kelly Notes:
LIST of who you have seen in the last six months
Scratching the surface: you must see them again- still pre game and post game- time to sign up for same casting directors.

FRONT DESK AFI- mailboxes, put headshots on board. Find the mailboxes. Co
CHAPMAN are great to work with on student films.
Be in character when you get to set-
Think of Bed Bath and Beyond postcards- you know they come often- Don’t deny people a postcard- Get into peoples subconscious mind.

sign name on back.
Personal phone number (I as a person sending my postcard to you)
Check out ACW (actors creative workshop)
SEND headshot and resume to all of the collegues Reference
Use your letterhead

GOOD WILL on Ventura Blvd- great found
SPEND one to two hours creating a system for email notification
CREATE a Casting Frontier profile
RETURN labels

Would like a meeting send to specific agent at each place. Pick 2 people to send to- dear John and Lisa;
Subject line: Mature Stage Actor new to LA

Send Headshot/ letter or note remind where you met them, something amazing that happened int eh workshop you were genuinely amazed by, and what material you read in class,
I was prvilieged to meet your collegues- we worked on randy sides- hope to be in your office soon

WesleyRice ONLY for acting- whole new email in gmail.
Forward all the emails coming to your current address from Project Notices, Breakdown Project- forward all of them.
Create a “filter” just forwards to your new gmail address.
Make a habit of looking at those emails.
Then create folders in your mail and have them find the “commercial ones”
Google creating a folder
Commercial Agent rep letter/ by email:
Make sure you have your number on Imdb

PDB: the message only for commercial directors.
For theatrical: I’m a free agent now! Please contact me directly “New headshot, Updated Resume”


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