Notes for Weds Morning 4/25

2 wides and close up or wide-medium-close up for reels.

Call sheet templates are available online: Google them!

SOTDL: can follow Brian and Brian’s template calendar: or switch out activities. Each is a separate event.

Hi my name is… and I’m interested in meeting with … for representation. What is the best way to go about doing that?

FORMAT: Text Direction. (helps label fit on postcard)

Personal Info on postcard: I am sending you this, so you can contact ME, instead of just my reps.

Actors Creative Workshop in Burbank — people like them!

Pregame Letter: I am going to see you on this date. Give a career update. See you soon!

Postgame: Thank you postcard/letter. Remind them where you met them. Honest reaction to what happened in the room. What is the material you did in the class?

Then, send headshot, resume, letter/post-it to all of their colleagues.

Filters on GMAIL – makes email notification process much easier.


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