SAAS Notes: 4-23-2012


Doesn’t need to be career focused. Feels a little “look at me” if all you give is what you are doing. I want you to also be personal. And, offering: Ex. A great piece of theatre – The Elephant Man – What good about it.

Or, a favorite food place or a cheese shop.

One picture is fine with two items to eblast. Not that you have “to save it”. But, more like you have shit going all the time so don’t have to bombard the actual blast with material.

*On your Target List:

Think about another time you can email a target. Ex. Find their birthday, send a card for a CD Award nomination.

*Stage Calendar

If you see a show your in and you don’t know the artistic director, find them on facebook, and send a message. You can actually open a door, so to speak, for smaller theatres.

Book to get!

“Good in a Room – Stephanie Palmer.” – Great Book! Highly recommend!

– Reach out three times, and then let go.


Beg borrow and steal to get sides to put on tape.

Goal for breakdowns is to put yourself on tape and information.


Brene Brown – Ted Talks Some of the most brilliant brains in the world and they are conferences


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