wed pm tasks 4/18

> ORDER new postcards
> MEET with CU and POST to LA Casting/AA/Casting Frontier/IMDB > UPDATE website with new shots
> CREATE clean 8 name manager list and bring next week and
> SEND personal emails to possible referrals “how open are you to…?” >
> CONFIRM weekend for shoot with crew and cast
> REHEARSE with scene partner
> CLARIFY sound — do they have equipment or do I need to rent? > -wide, medium, and two over the shoulder close ups
> SUBMIT every day to AA and LACasting
> POSTGAME Arlie Day
> INQUIRE about and CONTACT editor
> **PDB mailing next week
> EMAIL Talento re: Digital Dogs
> EMAIL John re:class release
> SIGN UP for workshop with Kendra or Sam
> WORKOUT three times
> CALL five commercial CD offices and DO what they say
> ORDER postcards
> SUBMIT every day
> INVESTIGATE improv opportunities
> CALL Mackenzie and Joy about manager list
> POST reel to IMDB, LA Casting, etc
> CUT your hair (ask Marie for her bomb stylist)
> BOOK shoot with David Muller
> DRAFT new website
> PUT custom link in the signature of your email
> SEND agent referral email
> -have you ever worked with these agents or their colleagues? > -is there anyone I should omit or add?
> EMAIL class links to your work online with specific questions > DRAFT of a piece of marketing
> SUBMIT every day on AA and LACasting


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