Friday AM Salon due 4/27


-DECISION on Voice 123
-SEND divorce email to old manager
-CELEBRATE new manager
-WRITE final draft of Hot Ticket
-SET shoot date
-MEET with potential director
-FIND tone of script (reference link)
-REVISE weight goal
-DROP off people you emailed, EMAIL people you dropped off
-EMAIL Allen Hooper good news
-SEND mail chimp


-AVOID projects with nudity
-GTS two times (Google The Shit)
-DRAFT Mail Chimp Newsletter (piece of news and an offering)
-FIND an event to go to (play-Tues at 9 at Women’s thing, The Fourth Wall at Geffen, Young Peeps thing at Center Theater, New LA Film makers, Alumni Events)
-GET Mail Chimp examples from Amanda


-EMAIL a thank you to Alan, one sentence devoted to what you specifically learned from him, include reel as after-thought
-DRAFT a one sheet
-USE your American accent at least 3 times this week (to waiters, etc)
-SEND an email to your producer reference that says exactly what you want him to say. Do the work for him. (If he hasn’t done it already)
-POST GAME Disney workshop
-HAVE FABULOUS DROP OFF of new marketing piece. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.

Amanda N.

-WORK OUT 2 times (treadmill twice at LA fitness, 30 minutes)
-REVISE Cat Assistant*
-SHOP for groceries
-SEND PDB mailing
-SEND packets to casting directors for SODAK both there and in LA
-EMAIL casting directors for SODAK as well
-CALL the S. Dakota film office (What do you know about this film?) & then do what they say
-WATCH one of the writers films
-ATTEND Weight Watchers meeting
-REVISE target CD list (2 new peeps!)


-FAX “castability sheet” for SOTDL Calendar (small pic only)
-DROP OFF 25 headshots resumes at AFI (or cast ability sheets)
-MEET WITH someone who catch teach you how to use WordPress
-HAVE ONE MORE THING done regarding the website
-DRAFT Mail Monkey sans photos (words!)
-DECIDE on a therapist & SCHEDULE an appointment


-DRAFT THE follow-up email by Sunday
-MAKE CONTACT with all peeps (managers & agents) who have contacted you per the notes Samantha is giving you
-EMAIL Madison at the Gage Group
-EMAIL Margaret
-SUBMIT on Rogers Orion website
-SEND postcards to everyone
-EMAIL Will Bartoli (Bobby Ball)
-TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY: make calls and see the next step “I want to make sure I’m not dropping the ball, or ‘I want to make sure I don’t get lost in the mix”

Emily Berry


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