TAASKS Wed AM April 18


BRING in your postcards so we can look at themCHALLENGE At the next four commercial auditions take a photo of your outfit and send it to us
PRE EMPTIVE STRIKE: gift certificate to DP (We are looking forward to working with you What’s your favorite restaurant?)
SEND OPINION EMAIL: Send to all new friends met at Salon, Tool Shop
BRING in draft of scene.


POST reel on YouSendIt — then, email or call everyone at Actor’s Access & ask someone to upload it.

EMAIL Reign about your new reel, headshots, and Chris Game workshop. Then, follow up with a phone call. & ASK Paige what you can do for Laura — have two suggestions (flowers, mani/pedi, etc)

CREATE PDB on Casting About. Click EVERYONE you’ve ever met (even those on hiatus). PRINT out.

ADD 15 names to PDB — as labels on your computer. PRINT out.

PRINT out commercial casting director labels.

PRINT message labels (Avery 5164)


PRINT Commercial PDB and Casting About PDB
SIGN UP for three one night workshops with the list of casting directors you’ve met (from first page of your sheet)
BRING in postcards and labels to class
SUBMIT for one job on LA CASTING : Call LA Casting to get the pictures up
SUBMIT every day on Actors Access and La Casting
CONTACT Adrian about Reel
DRAFT email that you will send to commercial agents including one sentence breakdowns

RUN five days, 20 mins each run
SEND letter to your next Sundance Director
CREATE a filter for google mail to do a GOOGLE ALERT for Sundance Directors (2)
CONTACT Rebecca with theatre casting director labels and commercial
DRAFT postcard for NY. I’M COMING TO TOWN!
SET UP meeting with Brooke Nutall at KSR


Rachel Notes:
Really good time to find an agent as they are dropping people and considering and taking on new people.
List of agents and see what people said about them: any notes, check it out and then put those notes by agent.
Calendar: prep day, tool shop on the day, put substantial acting stuff, salon.
(remember every word your agent said regarding the look for commercials)

JUST A BLIP: to send postcards and emails. Do it!!

Wesley Notes:
First Part: Casting About check mark next to everyone you have ever met.
Second Part: Commercial casting director labels (It doesn’t matter if you have met them or not. They just need to see you over and over again)
Third Part: People that you know: you will work on this as you meet people. 5160 Avery Labels (or generic but 5160 is size)
These people need to be getting a postcard. (All you mentioned on your list: April Webster, UDK etc.)
follow touch on some of your targets
Find these people: finish setting up the dominos
Actors name is Phillip Baker Hall

One sentence or four or five words: “Naturally at ease and great with kids”
mature and with it, Wesley is your hard to please client, Head CEO
With a twinkle in his eye, Wesley is the perfect Grandfather on Father’s day
Stubborn, stuck in his way type
Walking Dead actors name

Nina Notes:
Alex Kaminsky happy, take gifts to Alison Horne
5 More calls
Once a month get a letter – the people from Sundance- a personal reach out.
Put it in your calendar so you know when a letter is coming out
I noticed that …
Set up a google alert: scans the web for when that person is mentioned and they send it to you.
You can set up a google alert filter in gmail so they get sucked into that.
SEND ANNOUNCEMENT TO NY CASTING DIRECTORS; Oversize postcard, or one sheet, send one soon, and then another when you get there.
Create specifically for this. You as an actress.
Variety logo: Needs to come to town.

One link, no attachments, sell yourself: to send to agent in NY
Brooke and Mary (commercial class in NY and they bring agents)
Joan Rosenfels (class in NY)
Alexander Technique: Chloe Wang
Alaine Alldaffer


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