SAAS – Meeting Notes & TASKS 4/16/12

Oh, SAAS – How I love thee.

* Joyful Reminders *
+ Free meditation classes at John Rosenfeld Studios once a month
+ Be sure to email actorsalon if you have to miss a Salon

Reaching out to your community for opinions
+ Do your best to keep the control in your own hands. It’s wonderful if someone forwards your inquiry to someone they know [“you never know who does your friend’s hair”], and that person takes action because they think you’re awesome. For example, “She’s great! My agent/manager would totally want to meet her!”
–> At this point, reach out for a referral. You really don’t want someone forwarding your email inquiry and speaking on your behalf.
–> You only want a meeting at this point.
–> “Thank you for the referral! I’m going to drop by their office next Wednesday. Will you contact them [phone or email] before then to give them the heads-up that I’ll be stopping by?”

Sign on the Dotted Line Calendar
+ Reaching out to every manager/agent candidate twice a week
+ Touches can include one-sheet, email, phone call, fax, postcard, drop-off (of any of these), pre-game letter, audition on tape
+ Aggressive/Passive approach or Passive/Aggressive approach

A/P (Aggressive/Passive) Approach
+ Week 1 – Call every office on your list – Find out how to get known by them/set up a meeting (answers will be email, mail, or referral)
+ Week 2 – Follow their instructions
+ Week 3 – Follow their instructions AND Do the OPPOSITE (if they said email, then drop off; if they said mail, then email)
+ The rest of the calendar is yours to create
* You can’t get it wrong!*

+ Actors Key, Actors Creative Workshop and Talent To Go have or are all starting to do multi-week workshops

+ Graphic design resource – –> Can name your price for what you want designed
+ WordPress – Yes, they host websites (not just blogs) –>

TASKS 4/16/12

*Postcard mailing date is set for the 26th of each month
CREATE checklist of touches for managers
REPLY to manager opinion emails (thank everyone who responded)
CREATE SOTDL (Sign On the Dotted Line) Calendar
ASK for referrals from people who offered (to take action on your behalf)
PERFORM at open mic once this week – Wednesday or Thursday

*Next postcard mailing 4/30
SUBMIT to eLance for one-sheet (w/goal of completion by 5/9)
REVISE target CD list based on workshops
REHEARSE for Risa general
REACH OUT to 2 known CDs to renew relationship
GET the breakdowns (GTS? Reach out to someone?)

ADMINISTER writing project

*Next postcard mailing 5/3

EMAIL/CALL Michelle regarding post cards on VistaPrint
REORDER post cards from Zazzle
ADD Michael Shaw Fisher to PDB
REPORT on G Spot next Monday
SET the date for the home photo shoot
SEND email supporters about Newport Beach Festival


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