AAS – Meeting Notes + Weekly Tasks


*Have you started putting yourself on tape yet? If not, start testing it out/banging your head against it. Reach out for help if you need it.

To refer someone for AAS, have interested person email actorsalon directly to get the lowdown.

Commercial classes – Brian N. has been going to Killian’s Workshop (works with Allison Horne)

Check out TED Talk from author of Eat Pray Love about creativity and having a genius for something

Notes to help you send thank you’s after auditions:
When you get an audition (commercial, too!) – Pull out a postcard/note. Address it, stamp it, and start it with one sentence.
e.g., “Dear [Name], Thank you for my audition for _________________.”
After audition, add one more sentence (if you’ve got one), sign, then put in mail.



CREATE message label
PRINT labels
PRINT address labels (Do NOT review addresses)
CHECK stamp supply and replenish if needed
MAILING assembly
CELEBRATE first mailing
EDIT clip with Matt
GO to Yoga once
EXPAND Celebration List
CREATE hard copy of Celebration List
CONTACT Buckley Sampson
THANK YOU to Morman/Boling


POSTGAME Beach/Katzman
ADD new headshots to LA Casting, Actors Access, etc.
GET new postcards
THANK YOUs to this week’s auditions + Cathi Carleton
CHECK breakdowns

Get on with yer bad selves!
Karen : ]
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