WEDS PM Tasks 4/10

JENNAFOLLOW UP with Paul at APA "I realized I didn’t ask when I should follow up with you on our meeting…." , "making sure I don’t drop the ball"
CHOOSE the date you’re going to break up (maybe June 5th)
SPEND 3 hours total on drunk scenes from film script, half by yourself and half with someone

ADD 10 things to good email ideas
SIGN UP for two workshops
REVISE target list of casting directors (anyone you haven’t seen twice!)
• CALL Mark re: AKA meeting
• FIND a fun AKA actor and Floriana• CREATE a list of casting directors that know you
• NICE printout of breakdowns/types
• CREATE a sellability sheet/nail your type (what you do and what you play, actors like that, gentle/vulnerable sexy….what really excites me is vulnerability "exciting and suprising about my work")
• WRITE down 5 recent wins
• CAST yourself in +3 tv/films
• CREATE a Minka Kelly reference

• CHOOSE your outfit!PREP materials for AKA: 2 reel, 2 h/r


SEND EMAILS to Colleen & Sarah I.


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