TASKS Wednesday 11, 2012


SIGN UP: Commercial Class/Workshop Chris Game or Jan and John ADJUST: calendar to do what Brian told me to do AND DO! Flip DRAFT: commercial castability sheet/ ask for help CREATE: a call sheet for your scene, chose a partner


SIGN UP: Sam Stiglitz or Marleze GO TO: Sunday Refresher WORK OUT: three times one time bootcamp with Brian Crossfed SEND thank you to commercial directors from today POST mailchimp email to facebook
PUT yourself on tape
BLOG: spend an hour creating blog before posting (buy a domain)
EMAIL Susan Vash
ADD new target
FOLLOW up with commercial casting calls


CREATE Call Sheet with dates for shoot
MEET with Amanda this week and make rough draft of scene to share
MEET with agent ( here are the things I think I can play)
LOOK into Chris Game commercial class (cost, dates, research, plan)
MAIL pdb postcard mailing
CALL Vista Print (regarding colors on postcards)


OPINION email sent out on Friday (regardless if class has got back to you) RE-EDIT Reel with notes from class RESEARCH multi-week workshops at Actor’s Key SEND reel to group POST reel SEND PDB mailing ORDER postcards (if can send to commercial casting) SUBMIT everyday on actors access


SEND network head PDB
CHOOSE one name for Tim that is a FILM person
EDIT Heather and POST it.
SIGN UP Digital Dogs
SET UP test shoot one commercial and one fashion


CELEBRATE with spa fabulous/look on Groupon
PUT yourself on tape and submit
WEEKLY TASK La Casting/Actors Access everyday
MAIL pdb
GET INSPIRED perhaps create your own content
RESEARCH Sag conservatory
GO to AFI armed with 20 headshots and postcards
RESEARCH LA FILM MAKERS contact Katy Davis see if she wants to go


MAKE LABELS for pdb (personal data base)
BREAKDOWNS of characters you would play who are exactly who you are (2 prankster and stern)
LIST of 6 TV Film offices to target (print them out)
LIST of all the workshops you have ever done (print them out)
REPORT on post it notes (as you sit down write down three things on post it notes you need to do)
RESEARCH older actors name in Modern Family’s episode of Slow Down Neighbors
SEND your reel to group: and ask for opinion Here is my reel is it helping or hurting? Use the loop
SIGN UP for LA Casting


ASK MANAGER: How do you think things are going?
TELL manager: got referrals, want you to follow up, what does he think of
FOLLOW UP with three referrals
CALL every agency on your list
DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO to set up a meeting

When leaving an agent:
He Couldn’t control this environment
They loved that he left them in person
When your heart tells you to do something do it!
Took Sushi to CT (give me $30 of sushi/ one vegetarian) they loved this: showed up at 12:30
ASG Erin Murphy casting director: Erin’s true passion lies in comedy and goes to Groundlings shows
You don’t need to audition for Talent to Go when it is commercial
Do your scene in rehearsal in tool shop
request lots of close ups / plenty of wide shots

How can I get known by your office.
Don’t post anything that hasn’t aired
offer trades for getting people to help you film. Tit for Tat
LA Casting GTS
Virginia: extra booking service: we book your jobs for you.
Write letters to indy directors saying you admire there work once a month
join the SAG conservatory free classes
AFI their films are incredible: Go to AFI armed with 20 headshots/postcards/ go to front desk where do I drop off headshots: they have board to place on: Annie booked 4 things in a week
BREAKDOWNS of characters you would play who are exactly who you are
What is your COKE, then
Here is my cover letter that I’ve started on: can you help?
Ask three times before it gets to be their problem
10% response back 250 people 35 responses
With REFERRALS: put name in email heading, put it on first line of email as well
Include this blurb about me if they want to email themselves
CALL every agency on your list and say Hi I’m Cristen, I’m interested in meeting with so and so, how do I go about doing that? Mail or email? Best email to use? What was your name?
Do it as well as manager
Put your agent on your mpdb and epdb


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