Friday AM Notes 4/6

· Calendars: Postcard, email, something on tape, follow-up phone call, pre-game letter (format), send fax, do drop-off, look for showcase o Lay all these out on calendar (two things a week)
§ Start with a call and do what they tell you
§ Do the opposite of what they tell you the next week, then drop off § 5 marketing touches with these people
§ “Castability” Worksheet for commercial agents
o Postcards kinda don’t count
o Should be good for 6 weeks
o “Hi this is _____, I spoke to you last week. I was trying to set up a meeting with so and so, and I wanna make sure I’m not dropping the ball.” · Celebration List: small, what do you do to reward yourself o Different money amounts for what you’d do
· You can ask a producer you’ve worked with in the past to call a manager/agent on your behalf to get you a meeting o Ask to call 3
o Tell them about your resume so they know you better to pitch you · SELF-TAPE: Invaluable!
o Get good at it first
o Find the breakdowns
o Get your agent involved with them so they have more than just a name to send · “JUST WANNA LET YOU KNOW…” – Take it out of everything! Bad language! · The problems in your life, are the problems in your acting · CHEAP THERAPY
o The Maple Center
o The Actors Fund of America (if you’re Union)
· Correspondence
o State your intention! “I would like to follow up about theatrical representation” o Reference if you’ve met with them
§ Never reference PAST attempts!
o Brief things you’ve been doing
o “I’ve included my headshot and resume, would love to come in and meet with you” · AA Custom link: Go to “Tools” à “Custom Links”
· Always put a “Note” when you submit on LAC/AA
o “Just booked a festival bound short playing….”
· ONE SHEET – 8 ½ x11
o Can do at home, create on Pages or Word
o Can make look like a newspaper article
o Figure out what magazine you’d be good in, and design around o A one-page ad for YOU
o Large picture of your face, large name
o More words than a one sheet
o Write your breakdowns next to your pic
o A specific one sheet that’s purely about your castability


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