Weds PM Tasks 4/4

SEND an email to Colleen and Garrett (thank, when you’re gonna call next, and link to clip) CELEBRATE the phone call
SEND manager opinion email — including Mickey Mouse
CREATE your manager calender and take first action
-start with email (consider mailchimp so you track)
-send something in the mail (postcard, one sheet, castability–not a headshot and resume) -send a fax
-drop off (headshot and resume plus something that gives an idea of you)
-phone call “I would like to set up a meeting with…, what’s the best way to make that happen?” -one last phone to thank the person you spoke to
*about two touches a week
*put salon and PDB mailing on calender

*SEND PDB mailing and commercial peeps
REACH OUT to Colleen in some form
PICK 5 smiling and print to bring to CU
SET UP meeting at CU to show off the pics
“I’m in the area can I swing by now?”
POSTGAME Jamie Castro

PICK the scene and
CREATE production schedule and call sheet
-facebook, twitter, email salon

WORKOUT three times
CALL Susan Vash to find a workshop*
CALL three commercial offices and DO what they say*
REPORT on the calls (email salon)
POSTGAME Jamie Castro
SEND thank yous for commercial auditions
REVISE mailchimp email (more personal, ONE career update, add a give back) SEND test to loop

(oops sorry ORDER headshot hard copies)

GO to first WW meeting
WORKOUT twice a week
GO grocery shopping by Saturday
POSTGAME Andrew and colleagues
WRITE one episode of Cat Assistant
WRITE a paragraph or two about your ideal website

ADD target people to your PDB
MEET with John–call tomorrow 323.656.1937
SUBMIT on actorsaccess every day and CREATE custom link
REVISE breakdowns
CREATE target list of 10 commercials agents
young dad
guy on a date
guy with his wife at loews
office boss
office works at cubicle
retail/blue collar


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