WED. PM 4.4.12 Notes 

To Sign On The Dotted Line Calendar: Starting passive and getting more active

1.)start with an email, ideally mailchimp (ex. You can see who opened your email, if they forwarded it, etc.)

2.) send something in the mail (ex. Postcard, castability, one sheet, pre-game style letter, NOT headshot or resume

3.) sending fax

*email, fax, and drop off letter can be similar

4.) drop off (packet/folder – headshot, resume, cover letter, and some other piece of marketing, i.e. testimonials, casability sheet etc.)

5.) make phone call: “I would like to sent up a meeting with so and so, whats the best way to do that? Whats the best email address or address…”, get the name of the person that helped you

6.) one last phone call to specifically thank the person that gave you the info from step 5


-Drop off a packet to manager and call your referral to ask if they can call their manager the same day to give a heads up on the packet

-Ask if they can follow up for you two days later with their manager to make sure they got the packet, maybe rather than having them call the day of as stated above

Danielle Escanazi, (twitter @daniellecasting), she tweets back, tweet her to say thank you, etc.

E-Zine – something personal, 1 career update, and little something just to give back (ex. Brian P’s spinning class)

Show leads to CD office, CD office leads to a particular person to create a relationship with


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