Thurs AM Tasks 4/5

USE THIS EMAIL addy/loop ONLY!!!



CANCEL workshops not on target list
TAPE 7 times
POSTGAME workshop
WORKOUT 3 times this week
CHECK IN with group 3 times

Courtney C.
MAKE phone calls
DO what the agencies say to do
SET shoot date and find DP
BRING 4×6 of headshots
POST 2 clips on AA, LA casting, imdb pro

CREATE new 6 month goals
RESEARCH voice 123
RESEARCH SAG discount for AT&T
ORDER postcards-look at Reena Dutt, got print, vista
BRING list of workshops you’ve taken from the last year and bring target list
PREGAME for workshops
RESEARCH Fronk and Pembrick- see if you could switch
POST short everywhere

SEND group your demo for feedback on what you’re selling-ask specific questions
SUBMIT one voice 123 job
THANK Bobby and assistant
CONTACT about American demo producing
SCHEDULE workshop
PREP agent meeting- types, questions, casting directors, scenes, stories
SIGN UP for Rant and Rave and Tuesdays at 9

POST short everywhere
SET UP google alert for managers
DROP OFF half at managers (including manager who wanted materials)
POSTCARD other half of managers
SUBMIT everyday
TAPE yourself

DO two things on your "Things I Like" list
SET shoot date for two reel scenes
CHOOSE scene with Katy
MAKE a shopping date
WRITE your morning pages every day

Courtney S.
CREATE new 6 month goals
SEND PDB mailing
SIGN up for a workshop with one of your Nov/Dec peeps
SET up Mailchimp account and import contacts
TAPE yourself once
ADD commercial CD to PDB mailing


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