WED AM TASKS due 4/11


*create callsheet for RACHEL PROJECT – crew, actor, date, scene written out

*add Pemick/Fronk to Target list and David Rappaport

*Have consultation with ACT NOW

*Sign up for workshop

*8 hours of acting

*meet with agent and ask specific questions!


*add commercial agents to MPDB

*start on the sign on the dotted line calendar

*sign up for commercial casting workshop (example Chris Game or private with Killian or Jan and John)

*bring in a list of 5 scenes, who, what, why for your reel scene

*prep monthly mailing


*celebrate go times!!! report on celebration

*make an appointment with a dentist

*put something on tape and submit

*up game and ask for sides

*reach out to Killian for a private

*contact agents

*google the shit out of projects on

*audition for TALENT TO GO

*email Virginia


*Cancel Rich Delia

*Send of manager opinion email

-I need to ask you some questions, have you worked with any of these majors before, what is your opinion of them, is there anyone I should add or subtract from this list

*make an appointment with filler doctor

*revise, re-edit reel


*5 days of running 20 mins each run

*4 days of 90 mins of cello

*call 5 casting directors***

*picture of your legs

*look into Actors Key and Talent-to-Go for workshops

*send 1 letter to a director from Sundance


*Buy tickets to Exorcist

*Ask Tim about generals

*Pre-game style letter to new network head pdb list

*Work with Ian this week, finish Heather and post it

*Set up two or three coffee dates from PDB

*Sign up for workshop with Chris Game


*write two sketches (we want printed out version)

*create call sheet for "TAZZLES" director, crew, cast, date, location

*Send your agent opinion email

*Send agent opinion to manager and call

*Contact with manager (dinner or lunch)


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