Monday morning tasks 4/2/12

AAS TASKS 4/2/12


DROP OFF photos at Talentos
CONTACT Sharon about re-touching
CHOOSE photos
SET meeting with Brian
SEND Mailchimp


ADD 15 names to PDB

CREATE target list (5-6 shows)
SPEND 2 hours on Mailchimp
CREATE draft of postcards


PRINT out top 25 shots
DO 5 mediocre impressions *
SPEND 2 hours on Mailchimp *
FOLLOW with 5 networking contacts
WRITE for 2 hours
POST video on LAcasting


SET UP Mailchimp
GET referrals
CREATE drop off packets
DO referral drop offs


FIND scene to shoot
SIGN up for multi week at Act Now
POST clips
COME UP with 2 additional commercial types
BOOK with Michael D’Ambrosia


WRITE vulnerable character scene
PUT yourself on tape – call Maxie and Kendell
DRAFT pre-game letter
PREP for agent meetings (sellability sheet)


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