SASS Tasks 4/2


CHECK Talent to Go

PREGAME drafts of letters to book a job

DRAFT castability sheet

PREGAME and POSTGAME workshops


USE timer and report on it

EMAIL revised breakdowns to the Group

CREATE Target List of 5 Casting Offices

PRINT 40 pics and bring to group

CREATE target list of 5 Managers

DRAFT first Ezine
PRE-GAME Wayne Morris
ADD 5 people to Stage PDB
SPEND 1 hour writing
SUBMIT yourself on Tape

GET 1 Printer up and running
GO TO yoga once
WALK twice
CREATE front of postcards
GTS 5 times
ADD Description to reel on AA
INVESITGATE Natural Teeth Whitening

EMAIL Sarah asking to set up meeting and asking “do I need a reel to meet with VO at WME”
BOOK a date in May for recording VO reel
SIGN UP for workshop with Mike Page
PUT self on tape once and SUBMIT


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