SAAS Notes 4/2

*Brian P. distributed the B&B AAS Policies & Procedures. Please review and sign the page that needs signing. Bring it next week.

+ Reminder that we are entitled to a free coaching with John Rosenfeld (30 min?)
+ Putting yourself on tape and submitting to a CD office is like giving yourself a free casting workshop
–> "Hi, this is [say your name]. I’m an actor. I put myself on tape for the role of ABC. To what email address can I email the link?"

+ Brian P. shared an anecdote from a recent (print) audition where he didn’t do exactly what was asked, but still made an instinctual choice that he felt would achieve the end result. He left feeling either it was a big mistake or was a great idea. He booked the job!

+ "Cycle of Success" or "Book A Job Calendar" – In-person drop-offs to targeted offices over the course of 4-6 weeks. By the end of it, the office will know who you are. Ideally, you’ll get in-person contact with your target person/people. (If that happens on any visit, skip the following week for an *in-person* visit.)
–> Make your drop-offs real and specific – Lets the office know that you are not blanketing the world

+ Castability Sheet – Is about the breakdowns – Can include our 3 "out of the park" breakdowns, plus 1-2 of your alternate brand
+ One-Sheet – Is an advertisement for YOU – Model it after your favorite magazine (GQ, Details, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, etc.)

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