THURS AM AAS Tasks for 4/5

CELEBRATE breaking ties with manager and shoot
TAPE yourself once this week
SEND agent opinion email
CREATE a document charting the course of your calendar
CALL managers on SODL
HAVE a great shoot!
IMPORT contacts to Mailchimp
RESEARCH showcases with managers

SET UP appt with Becca at Act Now
SEND manager opinion email and celebrate
CALL managers on calendar
CREATE SODL calendar
RESEARCH showcases with managers

RESEARCH cameras
CELEBRATE calling manager for meeting
SEND drop the ball email to Judy
SIGN UP for a double down workshop…or two, who knows.

MAKE CDs for agent
BRING 40 prints to Salon
LOOK at Awkward and Dumb Girls
SET UP coaching date
SEND test of Mailchimp

BRING computer to Salon to change mp4
WRITE paragraph describing your voice as a brand
BOOK flight home
SPEND 2 hours on Mailchimp
SEND shitty words email to group
DO something nice for yourself

DO something you’ve never done before
WRITE morning pages
SIGN UP for an hour of piano
BRAINSTORM what you like to do
LOOK into commercial class

SEND opinion email
MAKE SODL calendar
PREGAME two agents
SIGN UP for commercial class
MEET with Emily and create an outline
ASK John about Colleen


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