WEDS Morning Notes 3.28


To be proactive about commercials: call casting office – I’m ____ and I’m represented by ___ and I would like to be on your radar. May I send you my reel? etc

The Oaks Gourmet – Franklin – awesome tea!

Approach to Agent: “Yes, and…” while you are they client.

What works for you to get into rehearsal? To get into that place.

Fourth Wall: young people in the business who go to a play at the Geffen, followed by a mixer after. Right now: “Good People” — check out on Facebook.

Sarah Katzman: no thin stripes, no perfume, okay to start again if page 1, Demo – 1 min comedy, 1 min drama, but no montages.

For Voiceover: create own home studios w/ mic. VoiceOver Resource Guide.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to do a LOT: don’t say “I want to do everything!” but say everything that you SPECIFICALLY want to do!

Workshops = create a relationship, rather than create a job.


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