MON 3/26 Tasks


1. REWRITE a draft of reaching out note and send to the class

2. SEND the note to 5 people

3. DROP off something or stop by your commercial agents office

4. ASK new dude out to lunch

5. PUT audition for NCIS on tape

6. PUT broke French audition on tape


1. SHARE reel with group

2. MAIL PDB on March 30th

3. WRITE 10 pages of your script

4. SPEND 3 hours on your website

5. FOLLOW up once with Torque


1. WRITE more specific breakdown, add a blue collar character (not too dark)

2. SIGN UP for 2 workshops from target list

3. POST clips

4. PICK 5 potential photographers (see Caroline White?)

5. SET a date for script deadline

6. CREATE pitch for commercial rep

7. BRAINSTORM on dream relationship w/ rep


1. PRINT out your top 25 shots

2. PUT 5 impressions on tape

3. ACT 3 times this week

4. INVESTIGATE MailChimp for 3 hours

5. GO and VISIT agent with Clayton

On Mon, Mar 26, 2012 at 7:00 PM, Actor Salon AAS <actorsalon> wrote:

hey can you send this in the BODY of the email
i cannot post word docs to the site


On Monday, March 26, 2012, Bailey Quist <baileyq> wrote:

> Here are the Monday 3/26 tasks!
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