SAAS – Meeting Notes 3/26


> 2-4-6-8
> Who do we appreciate?
> * Everyone is SAAS is entitled to a half-hour one-on-one coaching session at John Rosenfeld Studios *
> + The answer prior to taking action is "NO". If you take action (e.g., make that phone call), then there only exists a possibility for greater and getting to a YES.
> + A goal is the intersection of inspiration and practicality
> + Gratitude has no timeframe
> + Casting Workshops – You are targeting an OFFICE, so book a workshop with anyone in that office
> What is a PDB?
> Is used for monthly postcard mailings – physical mailing addresses
> This list is fluid – Don’t worry about it being "done".
> LAYER 1 – *The Gold*
> Writers, directors, producers, 1st ADs, costume designers, etc., with whom you’ve worked or "touched once"
> You will make mailing labels (Avery 5160 labels), so get mailing addresses
> Go to – Review names. Checkmark every CD that you know, even if it was a workshop 10 years ago.
> Go to LA Casting. On front page, click "Commercial Casting Directors" to get labels.
> Ask Salon if they have any addresses that you don’t see.
> – AAS recommends that no one be added to your EMAIL PDB whom you haven’t met or had first business contact electronically (e.g., submitted audition on tape)
> – TARGETs (who you WANT to meet) can and should be added to your MAIL PDB for monthly postcard mailings.
> – There are NO rules when it comes to theatre people – Add them wherever and whenever
> + Good In A Room by Stephanie Palmer – Good book about meetings! For your pitches!
> + What do you do when you find a great role for yourself in breakdowns, but there are no sides?
> – Advise your agent that you plan to put yourself on tape and ask!
> "I’m sure you’ve already submitted me, but I’d love to get the sides."
> *Don’t worry about how quickly you see breakdowns or turnaround! Think of it as a free casting workshop at the very least, since many CDs have said that they will watch auditions on tape if the actor has taken time to do it
> + Brian P. re: frequency of contacting your representation – He stops by, talks to, or emails them at least once very two weeks and has something to say
> – e.g., "Hi – Just wanted to let you know that I booked such-and-such and am booking out for xxxx date."
> – e.g., He then sends an email the moment he is avail again. "Hi, just landed – Back in town and can’t wait to go audition again!"
> + Tamara – The upcoming Act Now! workshop that starts Tuesday, April 24, 2012 7:30 pm is with Ricki Maslar and Tom Shell
> Book-A-Job Plan –> Is on the Salon site: (Check notes – Use Find tool)


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