thurs am tasks

CREATE fun free celebration list
SELF SUBMIT on tape again
SECURE DP, art director & wardrobe
CREATE new postcards
ADD 20 addresses (music contacts included) to PDB
CREATE celebration list
GO to crossfit 3 times this week!— meet Cheree 9am Sunday morning
BEGIN 30 day challenge (on tape)
SCHEDULE reconnect meeting with Wallis
SIGN UP for one CD workshop (Actors Key, TAC, Connect Studios, Reel Pros, One on One, etc)
EDIT footage & either bring or send to group
SEND opinion email (re: managers)
SEND PDB mailing
CUT ties with Manager
CREATE New Calendar and ADD Target List
PUT self on tape and send directly to Barbie Block
*PRE-GAME drop off for Saturday Workshop
START Commercial names Database
CHOOSE lighting & sound equipment to purchase
SOLIDIFY scene with Katy
CREATE a draft mailchimp newsletter
PREPARE for headshot session
MAKE a doctor & dermatologist appointment
SPEND 3 hours editing reel- not at once!
CREATE working budget
PUT 3 open mics on your calendar
DO your taxes
PUT yourself on tape
START the artists way- w. Sonal
POSTGAME – workshop
PREGAME workshops
PUT yourself on tape & send it
SCHEDULE a day to go see a play (or go to a reading)

Cheree Sager


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