Monday morning tasks 3/19/12



SEND 5 more e-mails to potential collaborators (Ask for 10 min meeting)
PUT yourself on tape
REACH out to 5 people that are not casting directors
Automate $56 weekly


SEND Commercial CD mailing
WRITE Mediocre Francesca scene
SUBMIT taped audition


MEET with Act Now and sign up with a workshop from one of your targets
E-MAIL breakdowns to the group (Take out plot)
SEND PDB (Postcards to PDB, Target lists, and casting directors)
CONTACT Mirror and Missile
CREATE list with 10 managers you would like to work with


SIGN up for two workshops with anybody from Target list office
SEND e-mail to e-mail converts requesting mailing address
REVISE breakdowns
SUBMIT online everyday
POST clips to AA and LAcasting
E-MAIL 8 photos to the group
CONTACT friend to put scene together


PICK 35-40 pics for Reign
CALL today to set up appointment for next week with Paige and bring 4x6s
PICK three characters for character reel + one impersonation
WATCH character reel
RUN 2 times
SUBMIT on LAcasting everyday


CONTACT Eric and Colleen at AA
CREATE calendar (include e-mails, phone calls, drop-offs)
UPDATE cover letter
DRAFT one sheet


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