THURS AM Tasks 3/15

Jackie G-

1. NAIL down 2 scenes

2. REACH out to 2 collaborators

3. REACH out to 2 crew members

4. NOTIFY agent of PSA callback

5. DRAFT of mail chimp


Jacky Loeb-

1. SEND postcards to 8 mgrs with message Brian gave you

2. DRAFT email to mgrs and send to group (10 sentences)

3. MAKE 8 packets of headshot/resume/cover letter/whatever you’d like as a note

4. PUT audition on tape


CREATE a celebration list
CREATE next draft of breakdowns

CHOOSE scene for showcase
SEND PDB mailing
CREATE/IMAGINE 6 month content goal (be specific)
SEND opinion email to 200 people with list of commercial agents (5-10 specific agents)

EMAIL 16 PDB peeps for mailing address
CREATE celebration list
RE-WRITE breakdowns- 7 minutes (time yourself)
MEET with act now- bring target list
SIGN UP for multi-week workshop
CANCEL your other workshop
SIGN UP for bootcamp (or check out crossfit)
SET UP meeting with david allan (nutrition)
REHEARSE 3 times/ week


CONTACT Actors Access and ask them to split your reel into clips
PICK 3 agents you’d like to meet with and ASK your manager for a meeting with one of them
PUT yourself on tape and send through your manager and also directly to the casting office
SIGN up for a workshop
SUMBIT on Actors Access and LA Casting every day


PRINT labels for commercial CD postcards
EMAIL & CALL producer & director of feature for footage
SET UP appointment for one to one (apple)
SEND "make sure I wasn’t dropping the ball" email re: breakdowns this week- maybe send 1-2 to manager
CONTACT photographer for "fun" shoot
CHOOSE 10 sides of American VO copy
SUBMIT on LA Casting every day

BUY Vista print deal & order postcards
MAKE A DATE with Cheree– have fun rehearsing
VACATION WEEK….RELAX, HAVE FUN, DO SOMETHING NICE FOR YOURSELF- take the week of from business stuff


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