WEDS morning 3/14 NOTES

Pick apart resume, project by project, to add people to m-PDB.

Sam’s breakdown outline: 1st line: description of character, 2nd line: description of the world they are in, last 2 lines: major conflict of character arc.

In Breakdown’s: there must be a conflict with the outer world…not just a conflict within themselves.

“I’d love to meet with you to talk about collaborating” — sounds less intimidating than saying “I’d love to work with you” — shows that you are bringing something to the table…Collaboration Requests!

look for: Palm Springs Film Festival

Casting Directors watch auditions on tape!! — call and ask for email address.

“Do Less More Often” … it’s okay to have a relaxing life outside of acting business work!

80% Listening, 20% Talking in Meetings: Come up with 1 thing to discuss with each person.

BAJ/Cycle of Success Checklist: more of weekly tasks, rather than a calendar. Send something weekly (postcard, one sheet), drop-off, etc. Have a goal in mind (ie Book a guest star) — mention it. Rather than “I want to be on your show” — would love to be a part of the show this season! Hoping to get my next TV credit (on a post it). Bonus: workshop, send an audition, FIVE PEOPLE. **Share my goal with 3 people a day!** the end result: is creating FANS. rather than booking job.

Internal: Write 3 things that went well the day before, 3 things that you are grateful for. MANTRAS: Ask yourself positive questions. “Why does everyone want to hold my Emmy?” “Why do I always do such amazing work at workshops?” “Why do postcards/drop-offs get me such great results?” VISIONS: What is it going to be like the day you get that call? What will the preparation be like? What is it going to be like on set? GET INTO THE CYCLE OF SUCCESS. Build relationships – tell the world who you are!

Daily: Look at breakdowns, mantras, gratitude journal, visioning, share goal.

Weekly: Drop-off, mailing, bonus: workshop (one with each one), put self on tape

PREP HEADSHOT CHARACTERS: Come up with titles for breakdowns. — Create castability sheet.

ACTOR’S FUND: charity for actors in unions. raises money for medical issues.

Commercial looks: see India’s sheet from her agent.


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