WED AM TASKS Salon 03-14-2012


NARROW target list of casting directors to five

SPEND 4 hours building MPDB

ORDER Postcards

REVISE Breakdowns


MAKE contact with JANE

CONTACT another Sun Dance person

CONTACT Dad’s Friend to find out who would be a great person from Sun Dance to Meet

PUT self on-tape for one audition

CONTACT manger re: putting something on-tape


REVISE Breakdowns

-ADD sweet. low-income, wants to get out of small town

CREATE Castability Sheet

ORDER Postcards

SPEND three hours prepping for Headshots

MEET with Commercial Headshots


START arm workout 3-4 times per week

EDIT clip/ Ask Chad/Ask Annie

ADD to castability Bridget Monyhan roles (example IRobot)

FINAL book a job week

PUT self on tape to send in

SEND pre game to Eric Souilere and Colleen for manager showcase

FOLLOW up with John say instead of follow up “I just want to make sure I don’t drop the ball”

SHARE food log /one week Paleo Diet/ Make a log and bring it in!


SEND email PDB

NEWSLETTER just theatrical, perhaps one news item. Separate Stand Up blurbs

PULL clip from Pariah

PULL clip from Nina’s Big Day

CREATE indie film target list (10-15)

**CREATE NYC plan!


POST reel and audition on Vimeo

DO the Cycle of Success Checklist

CELEBRATE working your ass off

RESEARCH Actors Fund and research Dental Help

PREP Headshot Looks/Characters


CONTACT justin with direction on reel – want it by next week/tues

WRITE two paragraphs on dream manager relationship: getting to know you, specific rooms you wanna be in, social aspect

SET A DATE with a photographer

CELEBRATE!!! manager!, film! and script! (aware of your wins!)

CREATE a celebration list

WRITE a sketch


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