Friday AM Tasks due 3/16

FINALIZE breakdowns, maybe be thinking of a 3rd breakdown (the ‘dude’) PREP mailing (if you get them, send ’em!)
SEND agent opinion email
REPOST on all 5 places
RESEARCH 1-3 reference points for YouTube Fringe Video
TALK to Emily re: back problem

POST new reel to Voice123
(Sign the Dotted Line steps – email, send something (audition on tape?), fax, drop off, phone call, do what told, thanks call) START your calendar
MAIL your postcards
BRAINSTORM/DREAM about your one woman show
BRING in a vision board (Pinterest?)
DRAFT pre game letter

ORDER postcards
ADD a procedural to your CD target list
INVESTIGATE the multi-week CD workshop businesses (Act Now!, Short List, Actor’s Key) SCHEDULE consultation at ACT NOW
ADD targets to your PDB
WRITE breakdowns (ASK FOR HELP, ASK FOR HELP, ASK FOR HELP) &; SEND them to the group
BRING in 3 scenes we can discuss (1 based on breakdowns, 1 from something you love on TV, look on JRS website for the scenes Brian mentioned) CELEBRATE getting internet

SEND Mail monkey & 2nd postcard mailing
WRITE in one sentence what you want, & 3-5 questions for them (prior to Lindsay & Annie coffee-with’s) REVISE breakdowns
WRITE three lines for every scene you can imagine shooting based on your breakdowns (to create new reel content) PUT YOURSELF on tape for something (contact Emily from AAS if you want help)

SEND 2nd mailing
SEND mail monkey mailing
RESEARCH headshot photographers (bring in 3 people next wk)
PUT SOMETHING on tape (follow the fun in the taping)
SEND draft to group of Pre-Game letter

REVISE breakdowns & add one more (dream breakdown!)
DESIGN rough draft of website Home Page
REVISE target cps
SEND 1st mailing
POST whole clip to actors access
CONTACT Emily about Buckley Sampson (image consultant – and how she could help with your ‘brand specificity’)

CREATE sign-on-the-dotted line calendar (GET NOTES from Emily about this) SCHEDULE a ‘coffee with’ Emily
SEND out mailing
SEND out thank you’s (find addresses)
PUT YOURSELF on tape (check on

FOLLOW UP with referrals
CREATE sign-on-the-dotted line calendar
PREPARE first mailing (labels, stamps, content labels, etc.) PUT AN AUDITION on tape (off book!)

Brian & Brian’s Actor Salon

1140 N Fairfax Ave, 2nd floor
West Hollywood, CA 90046


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