Wed PM tasks due 3-14-12


EDIT five clips to post to aa minute or less (POST to aa)
CONTACT Steven to set up meeting with Ryan
MEET with Ryan
CONTACT the kid and other guy to grease the wheels
PRINT labels for postcards
CONTACT production for air date

COMPLETE breakdowns
ADD 25 names to mPDB
CREATE CD target list
SCHEDULE one on one w John 323-656-1937
MASTER the sites (lacasting/aa)
REACTIVATE lacasting
SUBMIT once a day for five days

TAKE artist date
MAKE a wheel of life
CREATE a castability sheet
COMPLETE first mgr. touch

COMPARE ePDB to mPDB and add addys to mPDB
TAKE matt jackson’s assistant out on a date
CELEBRATE phone call with special gift
CUT scene 1 and 2 into femme fatale clip
CUT shelby’s rant into a clip, after “once a month” get rid of title card
POST clips to aa


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