THURS AM Tasks Due 3/18

*If you’re SAG you can get a discount on AT&T and IMDB Pro


  • IMPORT contacts to mailchimp
  • SIGN UP for Lindsay Jameyson
  • SPEND 2 hours looking for material (one scene that you’re excited about)
  • BOOK Buckley
  • EMAIL group with 3 essences you’re hoping to get for reel/ask for suggestions
  • DO something nice for yourself


  • SIGN UP for a workshop with a new office on target list
  • LOOK AT alternate workshops (ie, *Connect Studios, Casting Network, ACW, shortlist)
  • CREATE production calendar for 2 short films – the whole process
  • SEND Brian commercial casting director labels
  • CONVERSATION with manager


  • SEND the group footage by Saturday!
  • SEND Jane new fave headshots
  • SIGN up for commercial workshop (Jan & John / Stewart K Robinson)
  • CALL Indra…(talk to her about possibly connecting with Kimberly/ put them on the same page)
  • BOOK CD workshop for "how i met your mother"
  • EMAIL Jane my casting fans
  • START bi-weekly commercial mailing


  • FINISH adding names to PDB…. it’s never finished 🙂
  • EDIT character breakdowns
  • SIGN UP for a workshop
  • EDIT target list
  • PRINT labels for PDB mailing (targets & fans)
  • SEND your reel to the group with specific questions (precursor to putting on actors access)


  • CREATE PDB (new document) 15-20 names
  • WRITE & FINESSE 2-3 breakdowns
  • EXPERIMENT with timer– 10-15 minutes- do nothing except the task at hand, then reward yourself 🙂
  • ORDER postcards– check out
  • ADD targets to PDB
  • BOOK workshop with one of targets


  • ORDER postcards
  • CREATE a list of 5-10 theatres you’d like to work with
  • CONTACT Sharon
  • REHEARSE with Friday day class two times

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