Weds Morning 3/7 Notes

Julie Ashton = nice. Brian N had a great experience.

Target list – could walk onto the set tomorrow. your essence.

Mail PDB: anybody you have worked with before: casting director, director, writer — from previous projects.

If you don’t hear from salon members — SEND EMAIL AGAIN!

Set GoogleAlerts for casting director workshops & for yourself!

Truly celebrate your wins.

Write your Thank You’s before you audition: “thank you so much for seeing me for…” leave a line for a specific comment: liked your redirect, liked the room, etc.

Tripods: $30 at Samy’s Camera (Rach – I bought the one @ Target for 16.99 and it goes up to 4 feet : )

Drop-Send: use for sending auditions on tape. Password Protect VIMEO.

Find Commercial Copy at: ShowFax, Brian Patacca, LA Casting

Can send commercial mailing every 2 weeks!

Contact headshot photographers for group deals!


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