Weds AM Tasks 3.13.12


MEET with someone from salon re: Mailchimp

ADD 50 people to mPDB

CREATE 3-4 breakdowns

CREATE target list of 5 casting directors

ORDER postcards

*Your monthly mail date is the 30th


SEND Joe role of Spencer for Animal Hospital

DROP OFF dvd to Tracy

CREATE a celebration list

CELEBRATE your film, your one act, and your pin

RESEARCH 5 theater seasons


ADD 10 people to mPDB

SUCK OFF your email contacts to Mailchimp

FINISH online profiles on all 3 sites

FIX your printer (Printer Alignment, etc. – google alignment issue)

SEND videos again, demanding response

SEND agent opinion email of 8-10 target commercial agents to 300+ friends


CELEBRATE test! – let us know what it was- send us a pic

SEND at least 10 thank yous

MAIL postcards to PDB

SUBMIT once on Actors Access and once on Cazt

FIND mailchimp master


CONTACT the Sundance peeps

MAKE SURE reel is up on Cazt

SEND outline to 2 writers

GET answers from all 4 writers

CHOOSE a shoot dates(s)

REACH OUT to intern and Annalisa and make contact


SEND newsletter to the world via Mailchimp

EMAIL casting director for the release

SEND thank you to Joe


SELF TAPE once and submit

CHOOSE clip from movie to share with group


CREATE book a job calendar

CONTACT photographer (reach out w/ a deal offer, schedule a date, etc.)

BRING IN revised character breakdowns


SEND mailchimp newsletter

SIGN UP for a workshop

BRING IN list of people you’ve done workshops with in the last 6 months AND bring your target list

SCHEDULE shoot date with photographer

SEND tape and message to feature film people

SELF TAPE something from one of your target casting offices


EMAIL CESD and then CALL and ask for Christie or Carol, CC Brian on email

SELF TAPE an audition and send to agent

SEND letters to 5 producers/directors/casting directors

TALK to Tim about reaching out

BRING IN rough draft of website

MEET with Chad for 10 hours total


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