SAAS – Meeting Notes 3/5 & TASKS 3/5-3/11

Yo, Salon Homies ~

Thanks, Brian P. for guiding us this week and bringing pilots from Brian N.!

*If you miss a Salon, you can make it up! Email actorsalon to request a day/time.

Joyful Reminders
+ We are not ladies and gentlemen on the stage. We do not need to be polite to the other actors when performing on stage. We do not need to take care of the other actors on stage.

"Selected credits" sounds better than "Partial credits"
"Webseries" or "web series" –> Your choice
– Credits for webseries – Treat them as TV when listing roles (lead, recurring, guest star, co-star)

Marketing Packages for drop-off
What does it include?
+ Headshot/resume
+ Cover letter – Full size or buck slip
+ DVD w/reel
*On outside of envelope, write "REFERRED BY _________" in big marker

Casting Director Notes

Sarah Katzman (Beach/Katzman Casting) – Does not look at postcards (but still send them)
+ She DOES read personal notes, so put your postcard in an envelope and write her a note! (Per Tamara from last week’s Act Now! workshop)

PDB – Business Relationships
Brian N. has a season subscription to CTG – Not too expensive
–> He uses his second seat to invite someone with whom he wants to deepen a PDB relationship
–> Being an Ovation voter works

Putting Ourselves on Tape
* When putting yourself on tape, MEMORIZE
* It will NOT be perfect the first time – Please do not judge as you learn
What do each of us need so that we can put ourselves on tape and all we need to do is invite a reader over?

You need:
A camera – iPhone, digital, computer camera? (Lisa will try hers)
A tripod – Can prob find one for cheap on
Lighting that is good enough (not perfect!)
Sound that is good enough (not perfect!)

You can find your weekly Salon tasks at

EMAIL agent about Beach/Katzman workshop
THANK YOU to Sarah Katzman
DROP OFF packages to stage reps
SET UP meeting @ Bi-Coastal
ADD TV/film project peeps to PDB
ORDER postcards

EVITE the world to Comedy Store performance TODAY
PERFORM three times on stage before Friday
HONOR the time you’ve set aside to play with set material
FIND a clearing partner for Friday
POST audition online
BRING computer to Salon

CREATE post card message label
*PICK clip from SPUD
GO to yoga on Saturday or Sunday
SEND photos of wardrobe choices for 3 types
FIND make-up/hair for photo shoot
I’VE LOVED YOU SO LONG – sister research

Have a GREAT week, all!
Karen : ]


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