AAS TASKS Friday 10AM, due 3/9/12

AMANDA N.ADD 1-2 contacts FROM ALL PAST PROJECTS to MAIL PDB – be sure to add target CD’s
MAIL those postcards already 😉 New monthly mailing date is MARCH 9
SEND email to cast and crew for Web Series
SEND email to the writer making the relationship clear
WRITE another episode by the next time we see you
WORKOUT 3 times

WRITE breakdowns
ORDER postcards
FINISH adding hard mail PDB contacts
CREATE target list of ten casting directors 10 people (the Act Now SEIVE!)
JOIN & INVESTIGATE Karmalicity site
POST on 5 walls looking for YouTube subscribers
COMPOSE pre-game for showcase

DECIDE what to add to voice-over reel
CHOSE what you want to be cut
CALL agent and discuss changes to reel
CREATE voice 123 profile with animation and put up regular reel aka go to town
BRING draft of cover letter to class
SEND out mailing
STANDUP & SINGING goals for 6 months

DRAFT electronic MAIL MONKEY Newsletter
REACH OUT to Annie Burgstead & David Ross about producing questions/ideas etc. (use Brian Patacca’s name for both)
DRAFT PRE-GAME letter to the group
SEND reel to everyone in salon loop to get some feedback

ADD contacts from music videos to hard mail PDB (add other contacts from other projects as well)
JOIN Actors Access & LA Casting
WRITE TWO breakdowns (1 dumb & 1 smarter)
SUBMIT on LACasting/AA
ORDER postcards (ask for help along the way/opinions about draft, etc.)
BRING IN hard copy of CD target list

ADD 10 names to your mail PDB
ORDER postcards
SUBMIT every day
CREATE target list of 5 casting directors
SET appt. to get hair colored

-side note: 6 month goals for Courtney-
GET a commercial agent
GET a manager (but this will need to wait until after commercial agent is done)
BOOK a commercial
AUDITION regularly
BOOK 4 theatrical jobs that either pay or you are excited about
ADD Gemma Mayes to your ‘working actors I’m similar to’ pitch
POST reel of original content

POST reel to Actors Access
ADD some inspirational peeps to your mail PDB
CREATE CD target list of shows/ 5 casting offices
WRITE 2 breakdowns (must have age, name in prototypes) maybe use the imagined breakdown for Marisa Tomei’s character in Ides of March)
EMAIL the group your reel
DRAFT Mailchimp newsletter
SEND monthly mailing – new date is MARCH 9
BRAINSTORM what your dream website would look like (restaurant websites are great for aesthetics!!)

ASK all 5 ppl you know who could refer you to these agencies
CREATE a sign-on-the-dotted line calendar
MAKE SURE Emily gives you notes about the sign on dotted line calendar
ORDER postcards

POST one reel to Actors Access (may be able to use YOUSENDIT to get it to them)
SPEAK to John regarding managers selection
SPEAK to John about Marty as well
MAILING date will be March 15
CREATE/SEND MailChimp newsletter promoting Key & Peele appearance (process of editing the list of peeps of this list will happen at a later date!)
SEND this newsletter by TUESDAY NOON!
FIND 5 pilots (on the website they send to you) of something you could give to them


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