Thurs AM tasks for 3/8

ADD 12 contacts to PDB and tell us your process
THANK 12 peeps
GOOGLE the Shit 5 times
BRING in list of workshops you’ve taken in last 6 months
BRING in target list
ACT 4 times this week

IMAGINE new 6 month goals- something with voice over
CALL Indra Friday
GET footage from short
GET feedback from salon on footage- password protect and tell us minute markers

Jackie G.
BOOK a headshot date
ADD another procedural show to your target shows (Franklin and Bash or Harry’s Law)
SIGN up for 2 workshops
INVESTIGATE previous scenes from class as possibilities for reel
PUT a scene on tape (as messy as I wanna be)
INVESTIGATE mail chimp and IMPORT contacts

Jackie L.
RESEARCH managers on IMDB
ADD 4 more managers to list
EMAIL manager list to group
SEND 6-7 handwritten thank you postcards
EMAIL Jonny, Courtney, and Margie
SIGN up for 1 workshop
MAIL to commercial casting directors about your agent

EMAIL Buckley
FINALIZE looks for shoot
CREATE playlist for shoot
GOOGLE the Shit 5 times
ADD 1 office to target list that you love
PUT yourself on tape in one of your headshot outfits (maybe scene for Actors Key)

CREATE a printable PDB with 50 names
WRITE 2-3 breakdowns
ORDER postcards
CREATE target list of shows/5 casting offices
SUBMIT on LA Casting and Actors Access everyday

ADD 30 people to your hard copy PDB
IMPORT current email contacts to mail chimp
ADD 30 more contacts to email PDB
CREATE target list of 10 offices
PREPARE for acting class twice
INVESTIGATE and book ticket to Geffen, the 4th wall, Second Tuesday, OR Women in Film
SUBMIT everyday to LA casting and Actors Access
EMAIL 6th month goals to Brian

GET on wait list for soap workshops at Act Now
EMAIL Judy and check in with Katy on Monday
SUBMIT 2 audition tapes
RE-EDIT reel
DROP OFF soap DVD at soap offices


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