SAAS – Meeting Notes 2/27

*If you miss a Salon, you can make it up! Email actorsalon to request a day/time.

Joyful Reminders
+ The heart of a PDB are directors, producers, writers, crew, etc., with whom you’ve worked
– Folks who would not be found on Casting About, breakdowns, etc.
– And to whom we want to send a monthly postcard (otherwise they can be included for email/e-newsletter blasts)
– CDs to whom you send postcards – Get labels from Casting About
+ Celebrate the s*** out of your WINS!
– Share your wins in Salon as if you’re in a meeting with an agent/manager!

Lisa subscribed to – Gets a lot of emails, but latest updates, e.g., pilot casting news

Casting Workshops – For multi-week workshops places (a la Act Now!), have a target list! Their job is to sell you workshops; stay focused!
– Shaner/Testa – An FYI – Teach by "failure" method in workshops

"Google the S*** Out of It"
– Google everyone involved in a show/project that you want to be on
– Find contact info
– You may uncover a relationship connection (however many degrees of Kevin Bacon)
– Send an email – 2 sentences max – Get to the point – Brian P. will send a sample email

Your Character Breakdowns
– Identifies your brand and what you sell by simply walking in the door
– Yes, you are typecasting yourself
– Need help? Write down a list of descriptors from the breakdowns for roles that you’ve played/submitted for

Failing Upwards – Matt’s web series – campaign ends in 3 days

Actors Equity website is

Have a great week, everybody!
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