FRIDAY 10am AAS Tasks due 3/2/12

POST photos (AA, LA cast, IMDB, Casting Frontier)INVESTIGATE Voice 123
DECIDE who is editing your VO reel
RESPOND/FOLLOW-UP to last people from the Opinion Email
CREATE a sign on a dotted line calendar with 8 marketing touches
First post card mailing goes out March 9. Will mail out on the 9th every month from now on
ORDER post cards

UPDATE ELECTRONIC PDB to include 40 more emails (contacts)
REVISE MAIL PDB to include 10 new contacts
CREATE label document for MAIL PDB
REVISE 2nd breakdown
SIGN UP for 1 or 2 workshops with CD’s on your target list (Act Now, Short List, Reel Pros, Connect Studios)
KEEP a food log
REPORT on when you followed & DID NOT follow inspiration

BUY/UPLOAD iMovie at the Mac Store or from your friend
ORDER postcards from VistaPrint – name/phone/email (edit/crop photo if needed)
POST reel to Vimeo (if that means, emailing/calling Dex, then do it!)
DOWNLOAD HandBrake so you can download the JOSHUA film file from the DVD (watch/read on Google if need help)
EDIT JOSHUA on iMovie into 10-15 seconds
BRING hard copy of agent list…we need details! Wants agents NAMES on the target list of agencies

Emily Berry


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