SASS Tasks for 2/27/2012

TASKS – 2/20/2012

*FINALIZE three character breakdowns
+ Two-Week Challenge –
SEND seven (7) marketing hits with a specific call to action to give money for ‘Failing Upwards’
(Use different platforms to promote: Facebook, Twitter, email blast)
READ remaining three pilot scripts
PUT self on tape for ‘Dakota’ (Franklin)
SIGN UP for a casting workshop

*UPDATE Online Profiles and Send
SCHEDULE Consultation for Act Now
CELEBRATE good headshot shoot
ADD the important Sound of Music to PDB.

**CREATE POSTCARDS (on Wednesday Matt)
REVISE and DEEPEN 2 (3 is gravy) Breakdowns
SUBMIT everyday on CAZT, AA, or both.
CELEBRATE the shit out of things!

INVITE and FOLLOW-UP New Manager to show.
PUT one audition on tape.
FOLLOW-UP with Carol Goldwasser
SIGN UP for Workshop with CD on your Target List.
READ 3 scripts

When head goes to paralysis…go to descriptions others put on you
Pick up the phone and call one of us…and say paralysis has set in…help!
What do I think I want to play and enjoy that is not a huge stretch?
Use a timer. People who network and create their own content…are the most successful people.


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