Fri AM Tasks Posted & Below

RETOUCH photos (possibly POST)
CREATE non LA VO agent database (20 plus) on Mail Chimp
ADD 30 VO CDs to worldwide email PDB
ADD 15 hard copy VO PDB for LA contacts, and maybe some in St. Louis that you’ve worked for (overlap is ok!)
CONTACT Sharon and Brian
CREATE list of 10 theatrical agents that you would like to work with (can’t all be top level agents) SEND agent opinion email with 10 agents or less to 300 plus people

SEND post-game to Millikan office (send headshot to Rick & postcards to others in office) WORK OUT 6 or more times before wednesday
CONTACT Irv about this this process (emailing? calling?) give him two options: 1. call & email you or 2. just call? SUBMIT one time to Irv
GET the breakdowns
FOLLOW up email referrals about managers

PUT something on tape to send to Kendra Castleberry*
WORKOUT four times
FOUR marketing hits to promote BETWEEN FRIENDS
5 CHARACTER MANTRAS or thoughts for these prototypes (use your life to inspire! & name outfits with the thoughts) CELEBRATE your headshot shoot
SET FIRM deadline for reel with Chris

START the GET A MANAGER Calendar (Brian N. suggested New Wave) CANCEL your commercial workshop you have scheduled
SIGNUP for another CD workshop with someone on your target list CONTACT Margie at least 3 times
ORDER postcards
NETWORK with at least two people at the Improv this weekend
FINALIZE breakdowns

Brian & Brian’s Actor Salon

1140 N Fairfax Ave, 2nd floor
West Hollywood, CA 90046


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