Weds PM tasks due 2.22.12

CALL Becca at Act Now with revised target list
READ 4 pilots and crosscheck with pilot list (look on castingabout, hollywood reporter, futoncritic, variety) COMPLETE vision board
EMAIL Mark for material to put on tape, if he does not respond by Tuesday CHOOSE own sides to self tape SPEND 2 hrs on mailchimp (add friends/fam/and call sheet ppl to email PDB)

SCHEDULE shoot date for headshots
FOLLOW UP with showcase peeps
SEND OUT postcards to PDB and commercial CDs
BOOK a workshop with a target list office
IDENTIFY 8 people who have agents/mgrs that you like, and reach out to at least 5 of them (from a place of power, e.g. “I need to know my options before I make some decisions.”)


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