SAAS – Notes from 2/13

Wins for the week – Focus on the win!
Reality = Intersection of Practical & Inspirational
Actor Salon does not believe in multi-tasking : )

+ CD Workshops – Going to them is good, sure, but what is the goal attached to going to them?
e.g., I want to make three new CD fans by doing consistent workshops – offices who know me and will BRING ME IN
e.g., I want more TV and film auditions (15 in the next 6 months)

+ Feedback from online profiles – Filter through them – Make changes that you are inspired to make
– Send them again to the group – Check in next week to see if group agrees with changes and to see where to take the profiles next (if applicable)

+ Buckley Sampson – buckleysampson
She is an actor who provides image/branding consultant for actors for headshot shoots

+ Actor Salon believes in building a relationship with CDs
– Multi-week workshops with CDs from your target list (unless you have booked a bunch of guest stars and pilots)

+ Remember: If labels that are not available in Casting About (due to hiatus), it’s okay if you don’t send to someone on your target list this month, they will get your postcard during the months that the office is active

+ Futon Critic – Another website that tracks pilots,has synopses, updates casting –

– Tamara also sent

+ Self-taping / Online auditions – It’s here, it’s happening! At least 1/3 of the Online Profile workshop during Business Week was spent talking about Eco-Cast (Gary Marsh from Actors Access).
– Are we all in a position to create and upload online auditions quickly and easily?
– Let’s do this as a group! We’ll discus next week.

+ Reels vs. Clips – When you are looking for a manager/agent or for your website, update your reel
– Otherwise, clips are what you need! Take less time – Get ’em uploaded!
– On Actors Access – One minute costs $22.00 to upload, but only if done together. If you have two 30-second clips, load them on the same day for $22.00. If you upload two 30-second clips on two separate days, it will cost you $44.00.

Actions you take prior to going in to a CD workshop – So that they know you before you go in

As an example: Let’s say you have a workshop on 2/23
On 2/16, you send a pre-game letter – Small version of your headshot in your letterhead
Does not matter if printed in B&W or color
Contains three paragraphs
"Dear John:
Paragraph 1 – I look forward to meeting at your 7:30 PM workshop on 2/23 at The Actor’s Key. (Date, time, location in whatever order)
Paragraph 2 – A career update of any sort
Paragraph 3 – I’ve included my resume on the back of this letter for your review/consideration
Sincerely yours / Warmest Regards etc.
A fun P.S. if you have one"

Mail it
On that same day that you mail the letter (or day or two after), send postcards to the every other colleagues in the office (Betty, Kelly)
2 Sentences – Same as #1 and #2 above

AT THE WORKSHOP – Give CD your headshot

Handwritten thank you note to CD that you went to the workshop
–> Add a reminder of the scene/character you worked on
–> A genuine response of gratitude

Send headshots to the colleagues who got the postcards
–> Include same info as on the postcard in reference to their colleague

*Gets you the bang for your buck out of a workshop – you reach everyone in the office


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