Mon AM Salon Tasks due 2/20

JenaCREATE rough draft of wordpress site
CREATE agent list
SEND agent opinion email
SUBMIT one audition

RESEARCH shortlist, ACW, and SS LA and sign up if applicable
CELEBRATE being done with Showcase
PUT yourself on tape for two pilots
FOLLOW UP after second showcase

SCHEDULE photoshoot
SEND breakdowns to salon group TODAY – ask for feedback
ADD 30 more people to PDB
CREATE Producer’s report for your dramatic scene
MAKE final decisions of what you have/need regarding reel (6 scenes)

ORDER postcards
FINISH this round of PDB (15 more people)
GET three clips up on actors access
FLESH out breakdowns

CREATE a sign-on-the-dotted line calendar for 5-6 weeks (8 touches in a very short amount of time: dropoffs, emails, postcards, phone calls)
DO first touch on the calendar
BRING in hardcopy of calendar
ASK 5 people for referrals
PREGAME manager showcase
CREATE a google alert for target managers

DO two fun things this week
SPEND 90 minutes writing this week
POSTGAME everyone who came this week
PUT yourself on tape and SEND it
PREGAME Scott David
SIGN up for one-on-one with John Rosenfeld
RESEARCH acting classes

PUT scene on tape from "Austin and Ally"
EXPAND headshot breakdowns (3-4 sentences for each theatrical and for commercial, 4-5 characters)
DO postcard mailing to PDB
GO through footage and choose 30 second clips
FIGURE out what you have and what you need in terms of scenes for clips

SEPARATE reel into clips
PICK favorite headshots
PUT yourself on tape


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