Friday AM Tasks

CREATE complete email PDB wherever you’d like
ADD 10 people to your mail PDB
POST 2 clips to AA
SEND bearded clip and ask “should I post this? etc.” (after AA posting) REVISE show target list to include only 5 casting offices

EMAILING all 20 agent people with your REEL today
CALL all agents to check on receipt of reel & set up appt. AGGRESSIVE PHONE CALLS tuesday! LOOK at the Breakdowns, find ONE role one ONE of these CD’s shows; then,
PUTTING YOURSELF ON TAPE (even if it’s not for THEIR SHOW) to show them your acting START process of your ‘creating content’ project
GO on an alone ‘artist date’
Send pre-game/postgame letter

REVISE AND SEND POSTCARDS to PDB and casting directors.
SIGN UP for a workshop*
GET pre-game/postgame letter from Chris Parsons
BRING 10 head shots next week

TWEAK breakdowns based on what was discussed in group
WATCH ‘Angry Boys’ for some character research to help fill out Breakdown #3 (also Jane Lynch & Imelda Staunton – FROM Harry Potter 5)
CREATE a target list of 5 casting offices (3 of which are those for: i Carly, Glee & Arlie Day’s office) use CASTINGABOUT.COM to find two more! JOIN CAZT.
EMAIL Margie Mintz & ask her if you can take her to coffee & talk to her about helping you get into some rooms & create relationships in the standup arena EMAIL Amanda about standup advice
ADD contacts to PDB as you go

CREATE mail PDB consisting of 25 contacts WITH addresses
CREATE BREAKDOWNS for yourself based on ‘essense exercise’ we did for you! COMPILE list of 5-7 casting offices for you TARGET list
SCHEDULE workshop (multi-week if possible…Act Now is good) with someone on your target list! REGISTER with this week

TWEAK breakdowns based on notes discussed – find some more differences between the 2 you brought. Explore the trashy side! 🙂 Martha Plimpton
CREATE PDB with 15 contacts (Go back to your resume! Past classes, sketch auditions/projects) CREATE email PDB as well! (MailChimp or not)
TWEAK CD Target list

ADD another 15 ppl to mail PDB
TWEAK breakdowns – ADD another one with more quirk/comedy and ADD prototypes
INVESTIGATE breakdowns of pilots that are going on right now – find out what roles are out there that you are right for
SEND copy of TAZZLED to the group! If you want feedback, ASK specific questions. (Does this pop, is this clear…) SET a date for shooting TAZZLED
SEND OUT the Manager Opinion Email
DESIGN postcard & order them (Brian suggested oversized postcards…likes Vistaprint)

POST reel on Vimeo, IMDB
CONTACT Dex Williams one more time RE: footage
FOLLOW-UP all follow-ups you can!
BRING IN a list of these agents (14 of them?)
SEND out first mailing!

FINALIZE That’s Awkward script
MEET with Chris Parsons &;
SET a date for when this reel could be done
PUT something on tape to send to Kendra Castleberry
SEND thank-you’s for commercial audition(s) this week
BEGIN 7 workouts in 2 weeks challenge
SEND Castability sheet to Book-A-Job calendar targets


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