8 February, 2012 12:01

TASKS 02-08-2012


CREATE Mail PDB labels with 50+ people (that you already know)

[February 28th= Monthly Mailing Date]

WRITE beautiful breakdowns (name, age, actress that may be similar)

REVISE target list of tv shows, only 5 casting offices

BRING 8 photos we can decide on (must be printed)

COME back with pic of dream legs


DO your drop-offs

CREATE castability sheet by MONDAY and send by SALON WED!!!

FOLLOW up with Ani

REVISE breakdown!! Bitch


SEND postcards to commercial CDs


MONTHLY mailing

ONE SHEET with Sam

CENTRAL CASTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get there at open

SEND postcards on the book the job calendar

PUT audition on tape 1 +


SEND postcards to commercial CDs

EMAIL announcing NEW representation, 6-month goal achieved!

HAVE Rough Cut of Camera B

CELEBRATE meeting with UTA

SEND Thank You’s for recent auditions

ORDER Thank You cards

To ERIC: It was great to see you the other day. Thank you for bringing me in for _____. I really appreciate the warm audition room you created. Etc. etc.


RE-EDIT reel

SEND headshots to Michael

ORDER postcards

LOCK DOWN a f-ing writer**&^%$

CALL other manager and tell her the great news, thank you for hip-pocketing and send a gift

SEND your thank yous!!


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