Tasks Weds PM 2.1.12

JAMIECREATE a celebration list for big and medium and small wins
WATCH the movie Copy Cat and write the breakdown for the dark crazy character
CHECK OUT Modern Family and Castle for managers of recently booked co-stars and guest stars, find 10 managers and send to group
SCHEDULE workshops for all 6 target CDs, put them on a calendar (Feb – April) and bring in
DRAFT pregame letter and bring it in printed out
SEND postcards saying "Jamie just got called in to play a………" to PDB and target list
GOOLEMAP all of your target casting offices

PREGAME Christal Karge
POSTGAME/ send thank you to Cole Harris and Todd Maginn
BOOK shoot date with friend for headshots for 3rd week of February the latest
SELF TAPE once that can be submitted, but doesn’t have to be
SET UP separate email address for LA Casting
CALL assistant and ask for his email address, ask "is there any other person I should email if Nathan doesn’t have time…"
*BONUS TASK: EMAIL the assistant and Nathan if you see something perfect in the breakdowns OR to get sides that aren’t on Showfax
*2nd BONUS TASK: DRAFT a fabulous postcard message about being called in for a sexy psychotic scientist

READ 7 pilots this week, half the script with phone off
REFRESH target list of 5 shows (not pilots)
BOOK one multi week workshop with a target CD

WATCH two of the shoes from target list
SELF TAPE once this week


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