Friday AM Tasks Due 2.10.12


SEND audition to Stein (DROP OFF dvd of audition at Julie Ashton’s office)

Week 1 FIND a scene that hits "both beats" for your reel OR two scenes
Week 2 FIND someone to do the scene with and rehearse
Week 3 PICK shoot date and get crew together
Week 4 SHOOT it
When we see you next month, it’s done!! (March)

STAY ON track for your monthly mailings


CREATE PDB (personal data base) and ADD 30 people (labels for easy printing)
WRITE your breakdowns
SEND an opinion email to all your friends
"Hey! I’m on the hunt for a manager. Have you ever worked with one of these people or colleagues? Is there anyone I should take off or add to this list?" **use Annie’s email for reference
ASK at least 5 people for help finding a location
REVIEW and REVISE script


MAIL tape to Jamie Castro – Cristen has email?
COMPLETE two drop offs and keep up with calender
SEND monthly mailing
FINALIZE that’s awkward script

CREATE hard PDB with 30 people — there’s no one who can’t be on it
WRITE two to three breakdowns for yourself (genres: sitcom mom, who are you on the office, who are you in a drama)
REDUCE target list to 5 offices
SIGN UP for at least one workshop that is a multi-week
CREATE first postcard label and bring in to class


CREATE hard PDB labels- (15 ppl is the goal!). Bring in printed labels
WRITE 2-3 breakdowns for YOUR type (like you are looking for the actor to PLAY YOU!)
WATCH 10 shows. (Possibly CSI, Nickeloden & Disney too.), THEN;
PICK 3 your are very castable in.
BOOK one multi-week workshop w/ a CD who casts something you are VERY castable in. (Act Now, or The Short List)


CREATE hard PDB. Bring in printed labels. (30 ppl is challenge for your PDB)
WRITE 2-3 breakdowns (name, age, actress you are LIKE)
WRITE target list of shows. Need to end up with about 5 casting offices to target.


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