February 1, 2012 NOTES

Cast-ability sheet: Breakdowns with headshots on them.

Kinko’s = paper has more weight for it. Great for printing One-Sheets/cast-ability sheets.

For Book a Job Calendar: only put auditions on tape for the casting directors on your list. By the 4th week, at least 4 offices need to have seen you on tape!

Tuesday, the 7th: Speakeasy 8 pm.

Email – an offering.

LA Casting – for commercial casting directors.

Day calendar – figure out how/wear you’re spending your time. Making choices! This is our FUN time not our JOB time.

Accountability Buddy – what ONE thing are you going to get done today?



SEND a thank-you to casting department for commercial you were on avail for.

SEND postcards on SOTDL calendar on Monday 2/6

TEXT RACHEL DAILY accountability buddy (what one task each day/what done each day)

MAKE 24 packets: 24 headshot packets (18 w/letter, 6 w/castability + post-it)

EMAIL current breakdowns to salon asking if they still reflect you and or need edited


MAILCHIMP just send it (like my imdb, come visit me for a drink at Cabo/Main)

PUT self on tape (‘Skye’ on “Cult”)

SEND Vimeo link of auditions to agents

SIGN-UP for two workshops on target lists

BRING-IN pencil-written calendar with past tasks and future tasks SOTDL

FIGURE OUT pages/set-up Whitney Date for one-sheet

TEXT WHITNEY DAILY accountability buddy (what one task each day/what done each day)

SET UP appointment with John


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